Digital Capital Solutions

Technical Solutions for Expanding Organizations

Welcome to Digital Capital Solutions

We are a team of engineers who specialize in digital technologies. Whether you seek mobile app developement, website development, software development, or other tech-based solutions; DCS has the background to meet your needs.

Examples of of services:

  • Data Collection (e.g. Customer Data)
  • Data Analysis
  • Programming Services (e.g. Python, Java, R, C++)
  • Website Development
  • App Development (Android & IOS)

  • Our Professional Backgrounds

    Our team comes from a diverse engineering background. Our team has experience in software engineering, data science, consulting, computer engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, systems engineering, and mechanical engineering. Our diverse backgrounds give us the high-level insights necessary to make organizations succeed.

    App Development

    Need help building, adjusting, or reorganizing a mobile application? We can help! We design user-friendly apps for both IOS and Android devices to help achieve your goals.

    Web Development

    We build websites of all levels to fit your needs. We use web scraping techniques, web applications, and UX design principles to build the perfect website.

    Consultation Services

    Whether it's pharmaceuticals, hardware design, system analysis, or anything in between, chances are a member of the team has experience in a technological problem you may be facing.

    Data Collection and Analysis

    Do you need to better understand a problem? We use data collection methods, statisics, and data science to solve tough questions.


    When implementing a new product, documentation is as important as the product itself. Whether you are a customer, developer, or a future third party, we make sure anything we design comes with easy-to-understand instructions for everyone involved


    Even after the job is done, DCS can offer analytics advice, helping you monitor traffic and optimize engagement through your finished product.

    Previous Projects

    Check out some of the past work we've done.

    • All
    • Web/UI Development
    • Data Analysis
    • Research
    • Miscellaneous
    Suggestion Engine for "Podcats" Platform
    Thermal Transport Barrier In Carbon Nanotube Array Nano-Thermal Interface Materials
    Amazon EC2 Cloud Management
    Traffic Analysis - Monitoring User Engagement
    Orientation Distribution of Vertically Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
    ArcGIS Analysis
    City Size Comparison: Life Expectancy vs. Child Poverty
    Website Development

    Meet the Team

    Digital Capital Solutions was started by three University of Virginia Students. DCS has grown but remains a tightly-knit team. Browse some of our individual skillsets and feel free to reach out to anyone individually through the social media links.

    Suhaib Radwan
    Consultant, Manufacturing Engineer
    B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Material Science, Minor in Business
    UVA '18
    James Hutson
    Systems Engineer, Data Scientist, Consultant
    M.E. Systems Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
    UVA '20, UVA '18
    Hussain Humadi
    Software Developer, Electrical Engineer
    M.E. Computer Engineering, B.S. Computer Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering
    UVA '20, UVA '18